Twisted Tech RS

The Twisted Tech Racing Simulator is designed for performance, versatility, comfort, and utility. Our hand-tested components guarantee compatibility and quick setup for any racer, on dirt or asphalt, for fun or competition.

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The Twisted Tech Racing Simulator was envisioned with the focus of putting our customers on the virtual track quickly and reliably when the driving simulator arrives at your door.  We designed it for performance, versatility, comfort, and utility to bring together a racing simulator that fits the size and need of any racer. Every component of the racing cockpit simulator is hand tested and carefully chosen by Twisted Tech to guarantee their compatibility and take the guesswork out of choosing what you need. Whether you race on dirt or asphalt and for fun or competition, the Twisted Tech RS exceeds your need for speed.

Racing Sim

Trak Racer TR8 Pro Simulator Frame

The Trak Racer TR8 Pro Sim Frame is engineered to be rigid, durable, and comfortable without sacrificing comfort and adjustability. Full adjustability in your steering wheel, pedals, and seat ensures you will be comfortable no matter how long you race.

GT Seat


Trak Racer’s SA-10 Fiberglass Seat has been engineered for both strength and comfort with sizing to suit most drivers. The SA-10 is an ultra-light competition simulator seat that features integrated bolsters and is wrapped in a washable, impact-absorbing and fire retardant fabric. With multiple mounting points available to the frame your comfort is guarantee

Recliner Seat


The Trak Racer SA-08 is a light-weight and stylish reclining sport seat and is suitable for most racing simulators that demand a comfortable, long-lasting and great looking seat. Trak Racer’s SA-08 is wrapped in thick, high-quality and durable leather-style fabric and has a race-inspired shape. The SA-08 features a strong, lightweight tubular frame and injection molded foam for the ultimate combination of comfort, performance, and durability. High density foam provides excellent support.

Moza R9 Direct Drive Wheel Base

Moza R9 Direct Drive Wheel Base

The R9’s 9Nm direct drive motor and fine tuning through the Moza Pit House app simulates the full handling range of driving a real car that delivers realistic seat time in the racing simulator.

Moza CRP Pedals

The Moza CRP 3 Pedal system includes the fully adjustable load cell brake, 3 stage clutch, and accelerator pedals primarily made of CNC aluminum alloy. Adjust the pedal face positioning for comfort and the resistance of each pedal individually to give you the most realistic experience possible custom tailored to your driving preference.

Moza CS Steering Wheel with MPI 13” Sim Racing GT Steering Wheel

The Moza CS Steering wheel hub comes with programmable buttons, segment dials, and joysticks to give you full control of your vehicle and other controls. It includes carbon fiber magnetic shifters, Moza’s quick release system, and a customizable RGB sequential shift indicator. Mounted to the hub is a MPI 13” Sim Racing GT Steering Wheel for maximum comfort, realism, and durability.

Moza HGP Shifter


Moza HGP Shifter

The MOZA HGP Shifter is CNC machined from anodized aviation-grade aluminum to ensure its strength and longevity. The patented shifting mechanism includes a shock-absorbing damping system that’s engineered to make every gear shift a positive, smooth, and satisfying experience. Requiring downward pressure to engage, both reverse and 7th gear are locked to prevent accidental selection. You can modify your shift lever with standard size aftermarket knobs.

MOTION D-BOX with Platform


These new high-spec 1.5” actuators provide the range of motion necessary to silently & accurately replicate the bumps on the track. D-BOX haptic systems go beyond motion by providing users with consistent vibrations regardless of weight. This means you receive complete haptic feedback—allowing you to get the most out of your experience, with no shaker required. The CNC-machined high-grade Trak Racer platform provides premium support and durability.

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Gaming PC



The Cyberpower Gaming PC comes with all the necessary applications for your Racing Sim pre-installed and pre-configured. iRacing, Elgato Stream Deck settings, Moza Pit House, Oculus (if applicable), and more. All tested in house by the team here at Twisted Tech.

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49” Samsung QHD Gaming Monitor


Samsung’s 49” QHD curved gaming monitor ensures you don’t miss anything going on around you in your car from the seat of your racing sim.

Meta Quest 2


The Meta Quest 2 puts you directly in the seat of the car in your racing sim with a full 360 degree view to give you the upper hand on the track. The immersion of the sounds and views from the Quest 2 when racing is unmatched and is guaranteed to blow you away!

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Rush Race Gloves

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LED Underglow

The RGB led underglow comes pre-installed on your sim rig and is fully adjustable through the PC Elgato Control Center and the Elgato Stream Deck mounted to your R9 wheel base. You can use the Elgato Control Center to set color hotkeys, color changing modes, brightness adjustments and much more.

Elgato Stream Deck MK.2

With a custom 3D printed mount directly attached to your Moza R9 hub the Elgato Stream Deck ensures you have the ultimate customizable dash right at your fingertips. The Elgato allows you to set endless customizable controls for your racing sim from car controls to easy app access and is the go to for streaming and video creators.


(sim use only)

Made from a soft, breathable fabric to ensure comfort for long races. Elastic contours to your hands, grip on the palms keep you firmly on the wheel, long-lasting dye-sublimated graphics, and touch capable index finger and thumb so you can use your phone and other touch devices without ever having to take them off. The perfect addition to give you an edge on the competition.

Steelseries Arctis 9 Gaming Headset

The Steelseries Arctis 9 is one of the highest awarded and sought after gaming headsets on the market. It has a 20-hour battery life, easy on-ear headset controls, a durable lightweight steel frame, adjustable head strap. The Discord-certified mic uses a bidirectional design, the same used by aircraft carrier deck crews, for superior noise cancellation so your voice sounds clear and natural.

Bose Soundbar

The Bose Soundbar provides spacial external audio for your racing simulator from the most reputable provider of audio devices. Connected to the PC wirelessly via bluetooth and comes with an included remote. Volume presets are pre-configured on the included Elgato Streamdeck to help you quickly adjust your volume on the fly.

RGB Powered USB Hub

The RGB USB hub features 14 lighting modes, including colorful, dynamic breathing lighting mode and monochrome static lighting mode. With 7 USB touch switches you can switch the light modes at will and turn on/off the independent USB port for flexible use. The USB 3.0 Hub splitter is equipped with a 20W (5V/4A)Power Supply that ensures safe & steady data transfer for all connected devices and a built-in surge protector, with overvoltage protection and overcurrent protection, ensures safety and efficiency. Comes pre-installed on your racing sim with all wires cleanly managed and pre-connected.

8 Outlet Surge Protector with USB Ports

The P8U2 offers guaranteed surge protection from one of the most trusted power protection companies in the industry, APC by Schneider Electric. Connect and protect up to 8 electronics, and conveniently charge your mobile devices via 2 additional USB ports. This surge protector is the security in place to protect your racing simulator and other connected devices. 

Mouse & Keyboard

This wireless multi color keyboard and mouse pad ensures you won’t have any cables in your way during your racing sessions. Compact, easy to use, and long battery life make navigating your Gaming PC a breeze.

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