Racing Sim Steering Bundle


Twisted Tech Racing Bundle: MOZA R9 V2 Wheel Base, V2 CS Control Hub with RGB Shifter Indicator, Stream Deck, MPI 13” GT Wheel with Quick Release. Easy setup with cables, hardware, and instructions for your Stream Deck & iRacing Button Box.

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Our trusted team of experts have selected from industry leading brands’ racing sim steering products, and created an unmatched elite steering bundle for your racing sim.

This Racing Sim Steering Bundle includes the infamous Moza R9 V2 Wheel Base, Stream Deck with our 3D printed mount, and a MPI 13” GT Wheel mounted on the Moza CS wheel hub. The Elgato allows you to create a fully customizable button box that mounts directly to your Moza R9 V2. The bundle comes with all of the required cables and mounting hardware necessary to have you up and running within moments. To make installation simple, setup instructions for your Stream Deck and iRacing Button Box are included.

You will be required to create your own Elgato account and download their free software and add-ons for your pc. 


Package Includes

Moza R9 V2 Wheel Base

The MOZA R9 Wheel Base is designed with housing made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy for increased durability. Its sophisticated temperature management system guarantees top performance. Experience wireless technology with zero latency and benefit from its quad-core architecture for fluid performance. You may unleash it’s full potential with APP cloud control. With the MOZA R9 Wheel Base, your racing experience is guarantied to be elevated.

  • Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy Housing
  • Smart Temperature Control System
  • Zero Latency Wireless Technology
  • Quad Core Architecture
  • APP Cloud Control

MPI 13” GT Wheel

Road Course / Track Days / UTV Weatherproof Steering Wheel

  • Touring Car / GT / Track Days / SXS Aluminum Steering Wheel
  • MPI Safety™ construction
  • D shaped flat bottom for easy entry/exit
  • Minimal dish/extreme ergo oval grip
  • NEW Redesigned one piece integral aluminum structure
  • NEW extreme weather / washable PX material covering + MPI Orange™ marker
  • Made in Italy


  • Diameter – 13 inches / 330mm
  • Weight – 2 lbs / 900g
  • Dish Depth – 1.25 inches / 32mm
  • Hole Pattern:6 x 70mm / 6 x 2 ¾”

Stream Deck MK.2


15 LCD keys poised to trigger unlimited actions. One-touch tactile operation lets you control apps, launch social posts, adjust audio, mute your mic, turn on lights and so much more, while visual feedback confirms your every command.

3D Printed iRacing Button Box Mount

This iRacing Button Box Mount pairs your Stream Deck MK.2 to the Moza R9 V2 Wheel Base effortlessly. Giving you convenient access to actions that may require merely split-seconds to respond to.

Installation Documents