A Trusted Partner for Your Business Device Repairs

At Twisted Tech, we know your business depends on a variety of electronic devices to keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently. When one of your company-issued devices breaks down, you don’t want to waste time trying to find someone to repair it. That’s why we offer our Free Corporate Maintenance and Repair Account to give you the peace of mind that you have a trusted partner to handle service and repair needs for all of your company’s devices.

We offer personalized, 1:1 solutions that fit the size of your business and the number of devices issued to your employees.

Our Corporate Clients

Industries We Serve

School Districts

Commercial Clients

Logistics Industries

Large Non-Profit Organizations

Correctional Communications

Telecommunication Companies

What We Offer

  • Free Pickup/Delivery
  • Buybacks
  • 1000+ devices repaired weekly
  • 40 Technicians to meet any need
  • Manufactured product development
  • 90+ niche processes
  • Flow charts 
  • Cleanroom micro soldering
  • Inventory management
  • Foreign logistics
  • Ewaste
  • IT asset deposition
  • Stat sheets

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